Let Us not Forget

Dear Jesus,

Hearts are still in pain over the lives that have been lost over the past few weeks.

Even though it is in the past, it all has left a deep wound in the hearts of many people especially relatives, children and significant others.

People who are still tryng to heal, cope with life and come to terms with what happened.

No one talks about it anymore, no one is standing up anymore or protesting, complaining, shouting, crying, hurting.

Let us not forget about it Lord. Let us not become the crowd. Let us help those where help is needed.

And please Lord come through for those people who are still in pain. Grow them so that they become great victors and not victims. Grow them to make a solid impact on the world for the rest of their lives.

For you said that in our weaknesses you make us stronger. Although our trials are hard to bear, you help us to bear them.

Thank you.

In your Name,



So Kind & So Encouraging

Dear Jesus,

I am fed up. Frustrated. Hurt. Ashamed. Embarrassed. Scared. Worried

I feel everything. These are one of those days that I hate.

I can’t get my head around or get my mind away from what is bothering me so much.

Lord please help me to be strong and hopeful. Give me a little bit of encouragement because if I have ever needed it, it is now.

Thank you for strengthening me over the years. I dont know how I have been able to manage and make it through.

You said that in my weaknesses it is then where your grace and kindness is enough for me to carry on.

I can say that you have helped me Lord. you have been so kind and so encouraging towards me and I thank you.

In your Name,


Perfect in Weakness

Dear Jesus,

Its been a tough few weeks. Everything just seems to be overwhelming.

Its hard to find the energy to keep up and respond to life’s demands and duties.

If there was ever a time where I needed supernatural power to make it through it is now.

You said that your strength is made perfect in weakness and with that we can do all things through you who gives us the strength to do so.

I beleive that you are giving us your strength and supporting us.

In your Name,


These things are working out for my good

Dear Jesus,

When I look back on the past I feel angry, depressed, hurt, embarrassed and unforgiving.

Its hard to see that all my experiences are working out for my good, especially the one’s that don’t feel good.

But you said it and you never lie.

Right now I’m taking your word for it, even though I’m finding it hard to see what good will and is coming out of this.

You said that the servant is not greater than the master and masters are supposed to be strong right?

You are so strong, you have so much might and noble power and good wisdom Lord.

I trust and I am thankful that in my weakness I have your strength, I have your guidance, I have your support.

Thank you for the privilege of being yours.

In your Name,