Heavenly Things

Dear Jesus,

Thank you for the opportunities you put in our paths to earn an honest living.

I am greatful for the the things I have because they are things that I have attained because of you.

But at the same time I realise that these things are not eternal, they are not matters of the heart and soul. They are unimportant.

You said that we should focus on you. Dont worry about all those other things, they will be taken care of.

You have instructed us to take care and attend to the things that are important. Heavenly things.

In your Name,



In Your Company

Dear Jesus,

My heart is heavy again and in absolute shock at what this society is coming to.

Lord I am asking you to comfort those families who have lost friends and family in the terror events that unfolded in London.

We are truly living in amazing times where evil is increasing more and more.

You said that these things would happen as we approached the end of this world and your return.

If this is happening now I cant imagine what will be for the future. Things are looking more and more dark.

But Lord, I am so thankful that you are the same and constant and your light shines ever more brighter the darker this world gets.

We can trust you and rest assured that we are safe as long as we stay in your company.

In your Name,


Your word Inspires many

Dear Jesus,

I see everyday how the world is becoming more and more evil just by the way the children in this world behave.

Is this what will be? Children growing up to be heartless, impulsive, selfish and uncaring.

It makes me so sad and scared for what will come.

But Lord at the same time I am greatful that you have provided us with guidelines and instructions on how to live our lives.

And these you have shared with us so we can share them and teach them to our own children.

After all I don’t feel so hopeless because your word insires many for now and always.

In your Name,



Plentiful & Rich

Dear Jesus,

I have a special prayer for some very important people in my life.

My mother and my father. You gave some  very important instructions about the mother father relationship.

You also demonstrated that when you were here. You said how important it is to honour them and respect them so that our days would be long, plentiful and rich.

How simple an instruction but yet how vital it is for life.

Lord I know this to be true because I have seen famlies torn apart because of this simple instruction not being obeyed.

Lord help us in this.

In your Name,


Keep Looking & Searching

Dear Jesus,

You said to us that we should not worry because tomorrow has enough worries of its own.

But instead we should keep looking and searching for the things that are of you and you will take care of the rest.

I worry alot about so many things. About my job, about my money, about where I am heading.

I am so glad that you desire us to make that effort, to discover and go to the place where you are. You dont desire us to worry or to be scared but to be happy and at peace and enjoy learning of you.

I am so glad that you never stop encouraging us to do just that.

Reveal to us what your all about.

In your Name,


Every Little Detail

Dear Jesus,

Thank you for coming to this earth to show us the truth about this life.

The truth about real happiness and what is important.

What is a life and death matter.

How can I pass this up. 

Help us to look and learn about you and see your place in everything.

See how you fit into every little detail of our lives.

Help us to understand who you are and what you came for and why you came.

In your Name,


Tested and Proved

Dear Jesus,

Your words are pure words, like silver refined in a furnace on the ground, purified seven times.

They are true, every single one of them.

Which means we can trust your word. 

We can believe that you are speaking the truth.

When you command us, encourage us, woo us, warn us, enlighten us, inspire us, advise us, teach us and instruct us.

Everything you say to us is true.

They have been tested and proved by lots of people.

Thank you for this reassurance.

In your Name,