Life is not Guaranteed

Dear Jesus,

I want to say a special prayer for everyone that is travelling at such a time like this.

It is holiday season. The kids are off and families are getting set to go on their holidays.

Lord I want to ask you that you will send your angels to protect us as we set off on our travels wherever we go.

Life is not guaranteed. And anything can happen at any time.

Lord it is is ever more urgent to lean on you and acknowledge you as the one who watches over us and sustains us.

Thank you for your protection and guidance thus far.

And remind us at all times to thank you for everything.

In your Name,



Back Home´╗┐

Dear Jesus,

Its a blessing to be able to travel. To experience the kind of lives that other people live.

To learn about other cultures and ways of life. To connect with our own roots and stay connected.

To go back where we call home.

I know some people who are travelling today.

Keep them safe and secure on their flight back home.

The same way you keep us safe and secure in life till we are called back home where you are.

In your Name,


Noble Endeavors

Dear Jesus,

It is amazing to think about how much people there are on this planet.

All different kinds of people. Different personalities and characters. With different interests and cultures.

I am about to embark on a journey where I will be getting to know a culture, a language and a way of doing things.

I think this would be so good for me. Thank you so much for helping me make this decision. 

Many of us are out there willing to explore this wonderful creation that you made. Guide us in these noble endeavors.

In your Name,