Life is not Guaranteed

Dear Jesus,

I want to say a special prayer for everyone that is travelling at such a time like this.

It is holiday season. The kids are off and families are getting set to go on their holidays.

Lord I want to ask you that you will send your angels to protect us as we set off on our travels wherever we go.

Life is not guaranteed. And anything can happen at any time.

Lord it is is ever more urgent to lean on you and acknowledge you as the one who watches over us and sustains us.

Thank you for your protection and guidance thus far.

And remind us at all times to thank you for everything.

In your Name,



We Feel the Same

Dear Jesus,

It is amazing how much we as humans can take.

This world is so full of heartache, pain, evil and so much negativity, yet there are souls that endure and some how survive.

I think this is a side to humans that you created Lord. A beautiful side. To remain strong and resilient in the face of adversity.

To grow and do positive things while experiencing great pain.

You said that there is nothing that we will experience that many others have not experienced. Although different scenarios, we feel the same.

But you also said that even though this is, you would help us get through these things , so that we can endure and bear them.

Thank you for being that side of us Lord.

In your Name,


A Pure Appreciation

Dear Jesus,

Thank you for my family. You have shown to me how important family is over the years.

I look back and see how I have treated my family in times when I wasn’t in my right mind.

But these people have never left my side, they are still here and with that I have the opportunity to enjoy better days with them and look at them with a new appreciation. A pure appreciation.

Thank you for the people you bring into our lives who are family to us.

In your Name,


In Your Company

Dear Jesus,

My heart is heavy again and in absolute shock at what this society is coming to.

Lord I am asking you to comfort those families who have lost friends and family in the terror events that unfolded in London.

We are truly living in amazing times where evil is increasing more and more.

You said that these things would happen as we approached the end of this world and your return.

If this is happening now I cant imagine what will be for the future. Things are looking more and more dark.

But Lord, I am so thankful that you are the same and constant and your light shines ever more brighter the darker this world gets.

We can trust you and rest assured that we are safe as long as we stay in your company.

In your Name,


Your word Inspires many

Dear Jesus,

I see everyday how the world is becoming more and more evil just by the way the children in this world behave.

Is this what will be? Children growing up to be heartless, impulsive, selfish and uncaring.

It makes me so sad and scared for what will come.

But Lord at the same time I am greatful that you have provided us with guidelines and instructions on how to live our lives.

And these you have shared with us so we can share them and teach them to our own children.

After all I don’t feel so hopeless because your word insires many for now and always.

In your Name,



Tasted & Seen

Dear Jesus,

I just want to say how greatful I am of the opportunities and open doors you have made possible.

Although others may put it down to luck or the efforts of self. Lord I know you are in charge of this world and everything belongs to you.

You have made yourself known to me, you have shared things with me that none other will know in the same way.

I feel privileged to have been in your presence and very blessed to be chosen by you.

I have tasted and seen that you are good.

In your Name,


A Blessing Waiting

Dear Jesus,

You never cease to amaze me. You are in control and everything you do is always for a reason.

Sometimes its hard to understand the situations I find myself in and its hard to navigate through and stay committed to my responsibilities.

But you Lord make it so clear that behind every experience there is purpose and you need us to be strong so that we can be used by you.

Thank you for encouraging me and keeping me committed to you even though it feels like a long hard slug.

Because in the end there is always a blessing waiting.

Thank you.

In your Name,