Let Us not Forget

Dear Jesus,

Hearts are still in pain over the lives that have been lost over the past few weeks.

Even though it is in the past, it all has left a deep wound in the hearts of many people especially relatives, children and significant others.

People who are still tryng to heal, cope with life and come to terms with what happened.

No one talks about it anymore, no one is standing up anymore or protesting, complaining, shouting, crying, hurting.

Let us not forget about it Lord. Let us not become the crowd. Let us help those where help is needed.

And please Lord come through for those people who are still in pain. Grow them so that they become great victors and not victims. Grow them to make a solid impact on the world for the rest of their lives.

For you said that in our weaknesses you make us stronger. Although our trials are hard to bear, you help us to bear them.

Thank you.

In your Name,



In Your Company

Dear Jesus,

My heart is heavy again and in absolute shock at what this society is coming to.

Lord I am asking you to comfort those families who have lost friends and family in the terror events that unfolded in London.

We are truly living in amazing times where evil is increasing more and more.

You said that these things would happen as we approached the end of this world and your return.

If this is happening now I cant imagine what will be for the future. Things are looking more and more dark.

But Lord, I am so thankful that you are the same and constant and your light shines ever more brighter the darker this world gets.

We can trust you and rest assured that we are safe as long as we stay in your company.

In your Name,


Bring Us Home

Dear Jesus,

I want to say a special prayer right now. I think it is the right time.

My heart goes out to the people caught up in the terror attack in Manchester. There families and friends.

Lord I dont understand why people would go to such lengths to prove a point. Lengths that affect lives and destroy families.

But Lord, you know all, and you see all and you understand everything. You said that all these things would happen and that we should not be alarmed.

Evil and hatred for each other would increase. And with this you are preparing to come back and take us back home. Lord I know that your heart is eager to bring us home.

I pray that in the meantime, keep us strong and committed to you.

In your Name,



War & Terror

Dear Jesus,

I am bewildered and at a loss at what is going on in the world right now.

It feels so surreal and shocking that these things are happening.

In a place where peace and tolerance is the norm. War and terror is now becoming more serious.

But Lord, even though these things are happening you said that we shouldn’t be surprised. 

And that these things are meant to happen so that you can come back.

In your Name,