Honour Each Other

Dear Jesus,

Sometimes I struggle to navigate wisely through relationships. Friendships, associateships, love relationships, familial relationships you name it.

Lord I need your advice and guidance every day.

I have a special prayer for a special kind of relationship. The love relationship between a man and and a woman.

Lord you have so much to say about this kind of relationship. Special principles that tell us how to communicate with our significant others and how to manage our strong emotions.

You said that we are to honour each other and talk softly to each other. Love each other, never forgetting to treat each other how we would like to be treated.

This is not very easy with so many differences at play.

Encourage us to keep learning and striving to love.

In your Name,





Dear Jesus,

I am single. I have no husband, no wife, no boyfriend, no girlfriend.

I would really like to meet someone, get married, have children of my own.

But now I am single, and you have said that it is good to be content in whatever situation we are in.

To handle our circumstances and deal with them as they are and not how we would wish them to be.

So Lord, help all of us who are single to enjoy our singleness, to experience and learn as much as we can learn in our singleness.

Lord thank you for helping me this far.

In your Name,