We Feel the Same

Dear Jesus,

It is amazing how much we as humans can take.

This world is so full of heartache, pain, evil and so much negativity, yet there are souls that endure and some how survive.

I think this is a side to humans that you created Lord. A beautiful side. To remain strong and resilient in the face of adversity.

To grow and do positive things while experiencing great pain.

You said that there is nothing that we will experience that many others have not experienced. Although different scenarios, we feel the same.

But you also said that even though this is, you would help us get through these things , so that we can endure and bear them.

Thank you for being that side of us Lord.

In your Name,



Take Us There

Dear Jesus,

It was a tough week so far. But it has also been a weekend of peace, family time and decisions.

Sometimes I feel as though time is moving so slow and there is nothing to look forward to.

But Lord you have reassured us that we should not let our hearts be troubled because you are preparing a place for us and you are coming back to take us there.

That is certainly something to look forward to.

In the meantime encourage and inspiire us to enjoy the life that you have blessed us with now and guide us on how we should spend our time.

In your Name,



The Routines of Life

Dear Jesus,

The routines of Life can really put a downer on life.

Some feel hopeless, trapped, uninspired and dull.

But at the same time these same routines bring order, structure, lessons and pave the way for bigger opportunities.

There is good even when there seems to be bad.

Help me to be open minded and positive about our lives and what we are doing in our lives.

Thank you for the experiences you have given to us.

What can we learn?

In your Name,


Positive Way

Dear Jesus,

I am so grateful for the people that you have given me the provilege to meet and know.

They all bring something so unique to the table of life. 

Thank you for making us all so different and guiding us in such a way that we grow up to be very unique individuals.

Whatever it is you grown us to be so far, I pray that we will impact someone else in a very positive way.

Even if it is just one person.

In your Name,


Hope to Cling to

Dear Jesus,

I have done wrong. I can’t take it back. Its been done.

Please help me to look back and learn from this and try and resolve it.

I don’t want to make it a burden but to look forward in hope.

Thank you for the hope you give us, I can’t imagine what life would be like if you didn’t give us hope to cling to. 

We would all be very miserable, unhappy and sad. Life would be un-livable.

Thank you.

In your Name,


The Best We Can

Dear Jesus,

Its another day.

We don’t know what to expect today. 

You said that everyday has enough worries in itself.

So because of that, help me meet the challenges of today with courage and wisdom.

Help us all not to stay discouraged about the mistakes we make

To dwell more on the positive things we do, to keep on doing the best we can and what we know in our hearts from what you’ve taught us, is good.

In your Name