Life is not Guaranteed

Dear Jesus,

I want to say a special prayer for everyone that is travelling at such a time like this.

It is holiday season. The kids are off and families are getting set to go on their holidays.

Lord I want to ask you that you will send your angels to protect us as we set off on our travels wherever we go.

Life is not guaranteed. And anything can happen at any time.

Lord it is is ever more urgent to lean on you and acknowledge you as the one who watches over us and sustains us.

Thank you for your protection and guidance thus far.

And remind us at all times to thank you for everything.

In your Name,



So Kind & So Encouraging

Dear Jesus,

I am fed up. Frustrated. Hurt. Ashamed. Embarrassed. Scared. Worried

I feel everything. These are one of those days that I hate.

I can’t get my head around or get my mind away from what is bothering me so much.

Lord please help me to be strong and hopeful. Give me a little bit of encouragement because if I have ever needed it, it is now.

Thank you for strengthening me over the years. I dont know how I have been able to manage and make it through.

You said that in my weaknesses it is then where your grace and kindness is enough for me to carry on.

I can say that you have helped me Lord. you have been so kind and so encouraging towards me and I thank you.

In your Name,


Sinful addiction

Dear Jesus,

I have an addiction. It is a sinful addiction and I desperately need your help to come out of this.

No matter how much I try to justify my actions I know deep down your heart is breaking.

I feel controlled and imprisoned struggling to break free. 

I am confused and dont know what to do. Each time I feel more guilty and ashamed.

Please help me to stop.

In your Name,


Help us to remember

Dear Jesus,

This time is a special time right now for many people.

Its a time where we remember the sacrifice you made and the message you came to share with us.

Its a time where we can really appreciate you, who you are and all the good things you do for and in us.

You loved to do things that encouraged others to remember.

Such things like, the last supper and the rainbow our heavenly father put in the sky to tell us he would never flood the earth again. 

All these things help us to remember.

Thank you for this time.

In your Name,


Justice, Mercy, Faith

Dear Jesus,

When you were here, there was a time when you were really angry with some people.

You were angry at the way we dealt with problems, what we didn’t do and the things we forgot. 

You said that what mattered was justice, mercy and faith.

It was never about tradition and rules and protocol. 

Lord what is justice, mercy and faith? 

In your Name,


What I Am

Dear Jesus,

I read that with the merciful you show yourself merciful, with the blameless you show yourself blameless, with the purified, you show yourself pure and with the crooked you show yourself to seem torturous.

But Lord how can you make yourself seem torturous to people who are crooked if you are good to everyone?

It’s as if you make yourself something you are not.

Is it that, how you are showed to me is dependant on what I do? Or what I am? Or how I am? What?

I’m finding it so hard to understand this verse.

In your Name,


A Passionate Love

Dear Jesus,

Thank you for the sacrifice you made for us.

Whenever I feel down, like a failure or like I am going down the wrong road, I just think about why you came to die.

Lord you let the woman who was caught in adultery know that you don’t condemn her, to stand up tall, go on her way and sin no more.

And thats what you say to us all the time. 

So patient, so loving, so passionate about us.

Please help us to love you, to love you with a passionate love. 

In your Name,