Honour Each Other

Dear Jesus,

Sometimes I struggle to navigate wisely through relationships. Friendships, associateships, love relationships, familial relationships you name it.

Lord I need your advice and guidance every day.

I have a special prayer for a special kind of relationship. The love relationship between a man and and a woman.

Lord you have so much to say about this kind of relationship. Special principles that tell us how to communicate with our significant others and how to manage our strong emotions.

You said that we are to honour each other and talk softly to each other. Love each other, never forgetting to treat each other how we would like to be treated.

This is not very easy with so many differences at play.

Encourage us to keep learning and striving to love.

In your Name,




Pleasing you vs Pleasing another

Dear Jesus,

Relationships can be complicated.

Whats right for one person isn’t right for another.

What one person should be investing in another person should be investing in another.

Teach us what is important in our situations single, dating or married. 

It says in your bible that it is good to be single because we can invest our time in pleasing you but to be married also means investing our time in pleasing another. 

I believe both of these things are beautiful.

In your Name,



Dear Jesus,

Lord I want talk about a sensitive subject.

I want to talk about sex.

Lord, you know the challenges many of us face when it comes to sex. Especially for people who are single.

Lord what are your views on the subject?

What do you think about sex? Is it ok to kiss? Is it ok to foreplay? Is it ok to do these things with my friend?

Lord you know each any one of our thresholds and what we can handle.

So please help us to distingiush between what is ok and what not ok.

Thank you.

In your Name,


A Relationship

Dear Jesus,

Thank you for your guidance.

Lord, it says in your bible  that it is good to be single. 

We should desire singleness more over marriage.

But lord, some of us do desire marriage and much more a relationship that you are pleased with.

Give us wisdom in this. In making wise choices in the dating relationships we form.

Remind us to always ask your opinion on all matters concerning our relationships.

In your Name,


A Congenial Spouse

Dear Jesus,

Thank you for being our God, our father, our saviour from death, heartache, destruction, guilt, everything that sin brings.

Thank you for your love, that we don’t deserve.

For this love, that you are, you deserve all the praises.

I have a personal request.

Your word says that a congenial spouse comes straight from you.

If and whoever you wish to unite any of us with in marriage and life, give us the wisdom to know he/she is right for us.

Help us all to become suitable people. Suitable in your eyes.

Whatever you desire to teach us, help us to understand what we are being taught.

In your Name,