A Little Child

Dear Jesus,

Life is full of small and big changes. Changes that often threaten my comfort zone and what I have come to know and understand.

Lord when you were here you taught people many new things, things that challenged what they believed and what they stood for.

They were surprised that God would allow the things that you preached and taught.

Some even turned their backs on you thinking you were a worker of evil.

But Lord you also said that in order for us to recieve the teachings that you taught we would have to become like little children. Unlearned, excited and ready to be moulded and taught.

Blessed are those who recieved your teachings. I want to be like a little child Lord.

In your Name,



The Routines of Life

Dear Jesus,

The routines of Life can really put a downer on life.

Some feel hopeless, trapped, uninspired and dull.

But at the same time these same routines bring order, structure, lessons and pave the way for bigger opportunities.

There is good even when there seems to be bad.

Help me to be open minded and positive about our lives and what we are doing in our lives.

Thank you for the experiences you have given to us.

What can we learn?

In your Name,


In 2015

Dear Jesus,

Its a brand new year. Wow. That is incredible.

Newness. I know you are an expert at making new things. 

So much has happened in 2015. Good and bad.

But through it all there has been many lessons that have been learnt and others we may still be learning.

But thats ok. Life is a process full of lessons. 

Thank you for being with us every step of the way and for being so patient and loving towards us. 

In your Name,


Father & Friend

Dear Jesus,

Thank you for the lessons you teach us in the bible.

About the way you dealt with different kind of people.

Real people. With real situations. Everyday situations and dilemmas. Political and personal.

Im still learning so much.

And the beauty of it, is that we are a so different with different experiences going on, different ways and different natures.

New and unique.

But you know just the way to deal with us all. 

There is nothing that you cannot relate to.

You are an amazing father and freind.

In your Name,



Dear Jesus,

Its the beginning of a new week.

Time to meet the challenges and activities of the week.

Some of us have to go to work, some of us have to go to school, some of us have other various weekly duties.

I don’t know whats going to happen this week.

But whatever does happen give us the wisdom to notice and understand the lessons that are being presented to us.

We are all different Lord, we all have different things we need to learn.

I am grateful that you have us all right where we need to be to learn those lessons.

In your Name,