We Feel the Same

Dear Jesus,

It is amazing how much we as humans can take.

This world is so full of heartache, pain, evil and so much negativity, yet there are souls that endure and some how survive.

I think this is a side to humans that you created Lord. A beautiful side. To remain strong and resilient in the face of adversity.

To grow and do positive things while experiencing great pain.

You said that there is nothing that we will experience that many others have not experienced. Although different scenarios, we feel the same.

But you also said that even though this is, you would help us get through these things , so that we can endure and bear them.

Thank you for being that side of us Lord.

In your Name,



Pluses and Minuses

Dear Jesus,

Lord, I am grateful for the people you place in my way to help me learn.

Sometimes its hard to recognise what I can learn from people and circumstances I don’t like.

But you made all of us, you made each of us of value, from the womb you made us to look up to you.

People have value and we all have worthwhile things to offer to each others lives.

Whatever they may be, help us to understand the pluses and minuses in ourselves and each others lives and learn something of value.

In your Name,


Whatever is Worthy of Praise

Dear Jesus,

I don’t really know what to say to you right about now.

I’m lost for the right words.

Please read my heart. Its saying a lot.

So many concerns, worries and anxieties.

I’m learning that its ok to have these emotions.

You said that you remember that we are just human, dust of the earth, fragile.

But you have also told us to not be afraid, to trust in you and not to worry about tomorrow.

To focus on lovely things, good reports and whatever is worthy of praise and attention.

I believe that when we do these things we will experience your peace.

In your Name,