Heavenly Things

Dear Jesus,

Thank you for the opportunities you put in our paths to earn an honest living.

I am greatful for the the things I have because they are things that I have attained because of you.

But at the same time I realise that these things are not eternal, they are not matters of the heart and soul. They are unimportant.

You said that we should focus on you. Dont worry about all those other things, they will be taken care of.

You have instructed us to take care and attend to the things that are important. Heavenly things.

In your Name,



At Your Right Hand

Dear Jesus,

You are my Lord and I have no good apart from you.

You are the center of all my good. 

If I forget about you there is no value in what I do or how I live my life.

You are the one where all value flows from. You are the source. The heart of every matter.

You make known to me the path of life; in your presence there is fullness of joy.

Not a part but fullness.

At your right hand are pleasures forever more, pleasures that never end.

In your Name,


Our Experiences

Dear Jesus,

First of all, thank you.

Everyday I discover how selfish and wicked my heart is.

How much I need to change.

But I am glad and content with the fact that you regard us as your own.

And everything that happens you’ve assured us that it is all working out for our good.

What is happening right now may not be what I expected and what I planned for, but I believe it is given me exactly what I need.

Its not easy but thank you that all our experiences are there to bring out the things that reflect you.

In your Name,