Honour Each Other

Dear Jesus,

Sometimes I struggle to navigate wisely through relationships. Friendships, associateships, love relationships, familial relationships you name it.

Lord I need your advice and guidance every day.

I have a special prayer for a special kind of relationship. The love relationship between a man and and a woman.

Lord you have so much to say about this kind of relationship. Special principles that tell us how to communicate with our significant others and how to manage our strong emotions.

You said that we are to honour each other and talk softly to each other. Love each other, never forgetting to treat each other how we would like to be treated.

This is not very easy with so many differences at play.

Encourage us to keep learning and striving to love.

In your Name,




The Day or The Hour

Dear Jesus,

Yet another reason to be sad Lord.

My heart goes out to the people who lost loved ones and whose lives have been lost this week in the Grenfell Tower Fire

Why so much heartache? Why so much burden Lord? This is almost too much to bear.

Lord you see what is going on. I wonder how you feel about all of this. Lord you know the reasons behind everything.

At this time many are looking for answers. Many are trying to find an explanation to this. Many are angry and confused and hurt.

And although these things may remain a mystery for a while. Lord you are still God. You still sit upon your throne.

Nothing has changed about you and you still desire the best for us all. You love us dearly and want us to be saved. You would do anything to save us.

Lord help us to lean on you and devote ourselves to you.

Because none of us know the day or the hour where it could be the end.

In your Name,



So Kind & So Encouraging

Dear Jesus,

I am fed up. Frustrated. Hurt. Ashamed. Embarrassed. Scared. Worried

I feel everything. These are one of those days that I hate.

I can’t get my head around or get my mind away from what is bothering me so much.

Lord please help me to be strong and hopeful. Give me a little bit of encouragement because if I have ever needed it, it is now.

Thank you for strengthening me over the years. I dont know how I have been able to manage and make it through.

You said that in my weaknesses it is then where your grace and kindness is enough for me to carry on.

I can say that you have helped me Lord. you have been so kind and so encouraging towards me and I thank you.

In your Name,


In Your Company

Dear Jesus,

My heart is heavy again and in absolute shock at what this society is coming to.

Lord I am asking you to comfort those families who have lost friends and family in the terror events that unfolded in London.

We are truly living in amazing times where evil is increasing more and more.

You said that these things would happen as we approached the end of this world and your return.

If this is happening now I cant imagine what will be for the future. Things are looking more and more dark.

But Lord, I am so thankful that you are the same and constant and your light shines ever more brighter the darker this world gets.

We can trust you and rest assured that we are safe as long as we stay in your company.

In your Name,


Open minds to your care

Dear Jesus,

I am thanking you today and I am certain of what I am thanking you for.

I want to let you know now that your love is seen, its felt and its very much appreciated.

You love us so dearly. I am certain that nothing will change that, not even me.

Help us all to have open minds to your care.

To be aware of what you do for us everyday and to do the same things for others.

Im looking forward to church tomorrow. To just be around people who love you.

There is safety there because you are there. The true shepherd.

In your Name,


You will Always be in Control of Everything

Dear Jesus,

Its almost a new year and I am lost on what more I could thank you for other than being with us and never leaving us.

You are a patient God.

You know (name). Its so sad to see that she/he has gone her own way.

But then again, I am happy because you will always be in control of everything.

You know exactly where she/he is right now and wherever she/he is, please provide for her physically and emotionally.

Remind her/him that you are still watching and protecting her/him.

I hope she/he will have a change of heart very soon.

In your Name,


Help them live this life the right way

Dear Jesus,

Thank you so much for answering our prayers.

Its so good to know that your always looking out for us.

When we do evil things, things that are not what you want for us, things that are not of who you are, you are their to show us the right way.

We will never be lost as long as your guiding us.

Is this the attitude you desire me to have towards my children? What can I learn about my children? What can I do to help them live this life the right way?

You have blessed me with wonderful children and you have blessed me with skills and qualities that will help teach them about life.

Help me to discover and practise these things.

In your Name,