You Share in our Pains

Dear Jesus,

Death is such a horrible, horrible tragedy to face.

It hurts the people who are alive in such a profound way.

I pray for all the families who are greiving and mourning because they have lost a loved one.

No-one can quite understand the pain of losing someone unless experienced.

It is a paniful feeling; almost like sharing in the experience of death itself.

Lord I ask that you will comfort those families and that this tragedy will not change them in a negative way but that they will look to you knowing that you are even more closer at a time like this.

You share in our pains and our struggles especially death.

In your Name,



Let Us not Forget

Dear Jesus,

Hearts are still in pain over the lives that have been lost over the past few weeks.

Even though it is in the past, it all has left a deep wound in the hearts of many people especially relatives, children and significant others.

People who are still tryng to heal, cope with life and come to terms with what happened.

No one talks about it anymore, no one is standing up anymore or protesting, complaining, shouting, crying, hurting.

Let us not forget about it Lord. Let us not become the crowd. Let us help those where help is needed.

And please Lord come through for those people who are still in pain. Grow them so that they become great victors and not victims. Grow them to make a solid impact on the world for the rest of their lives.

For you said that in our weaknesses you make us stronger. Although our trials are hard to bear, you help us to bear them.

Thank you.

In your Name,


Strengthen Me

Dear Jesus,

Thank you for helping me make throug this week. I dont know how I have made it.

I feel like I am at the point of giving up. I am certain that whatever is keeping me going is something beyond myself.

The next few weeks are going to be difficult and hard Lord. I am going to feel like giving up and throwing in the towel.

But just like you strengthened me to make it through is the same way you will strengthen me to make it through the rest.

Encourage others in the same way you have for me Lord. And help me to cultivate a taste for you.

In your Name,


Fight the Good Fight

Dear Jesus,

You came to give us a better way of life. 

A way that offers us a life of peace, security and safety.

You took the time to teach people about this way of life and how to attain this life.

But there are people who really struggling. 

People who have started off well but are struggling now to fight the good fight of faith.

I am one of those persons, Lord.

I feel like I am losing and I am slowly going back to how things were before you took me into your arms and saved me.

Please help me.

In your Name,


Change for the Better

Dear Jesus,

There are many of us who are in situations that we just don’t like.

We feel miserable. Stuck. Helpless and wanting a change so despatetly.

I really believe these are desires that are natural to have and its ok to feel them.

But Lord, I know that you can help us. Because you are pur helper and you are in control.

Lord, help us to make steps towards change for the better.

In your Name, 


You can always be trusted

Dear Jesus,

You are so worthy to be given all the praises.

No-one else should be given that honour except for you, not me, not anyone.

You provide our every need, you are always willing to listen in on to us. You are always available to us.

Nothing we do separates your living care from us because you are a good friend.

I find it very hard to trust people and to trust wisely. Its an art I am learning to use sensibly. 

I understand that not everyone can be trusted and sometimes that is hard to understand. And likewise I am learning there are some people that I can put my confidence in and that is also hard to put into practise.

But help us all to know that you can always be trusted.

In your Name,


Justice, Mercy, Faith

Dear Jesus,

When you were here, there was a time when you were really angry with some people.

You were angry at the way we dealt with problems, what we didn’t do and the things we forgot. 

You said that what mattered was justice, mercy and faith.

It was never about tradition and rules and protocol. 

Lord what is justice, mercy and faith? 

In your Name,