We Feel the Same

Dear Jesus,

It is amazing how much we as humans can take.

This world is so full of heartache, pain, evil and so much negativity, yet there are souls that endure and some how survive.

I think this is a side to humans that you created Lord. A beautiful side. To remain strong and resilient in the face of adversity.

To grow and do positive things while experiencing great pain.

You said that there is nothing that we will experience that many others have not experienced. Although different scenarios, we feel the same.

But you also said that even though this is, you would help us get through these things , so that we can endure and bear them.

Thank you for being that side of us Lord.

In your Name,



The Routines of Life

Dear Jesus,

The routines of Life can really put a downer on life.

Some feel hopeless, trapped, uninspired and dull.

But at the same time these same routines bring order, structure, lessons and pave the way for bigger opportunities.

There is good even when there seems to be bad.

Help me to be open minded and positive about our lives and what we are doing in our lives.

Thank you for the experiences you have given to us.

What can we learn?

In your Name,



Dear Jesus,

I am grateful for the opportunities you put in my way to meet new people and come out of my comfort zone.

Its one thing being presented with the chance but its a whole different story to experience those opportunities.

Lord we need your strength to handle what you give to us in the best way we can.

To get out what is good for us and help us grow into honourable people.

Continue to inspire us to examine and focus on what is empowering.

In your Name,


In those Changes

Dear Jesus,

Remind us that change is good. Teach us the benefits of change whether it be good or bad change. 

Show us what we can do in those changes.

I don’t like change. It threatens my way of doing things and it makes me uncomfortable.

It means that I have to show a side of myself that I am completely confident about showing. It means that I will have to start soing something new that I am unfamiliar with.

But Lord, I know that in those moments is where we can really change into extraordinary people. Where we can learn new things about ourselves and the world around us.

In your Name,



Dear Jesus,

Thank you for the opportunities you give us to learn. 

Sometimes I think I know everything but you remind me all the time that I dont.

And there are so many things I can learn especially from others. 

Please help us to appreciate that people have so many valuable experiences and knowledge to share with us.

What kind of questions can I ask lord?

In your Name,


To New Places

Dear Jesus,

Thank you for opening up the way to go out and experience new things.

To meet new people, to start new ventures, to discover and learn new things. 

Thank you for honouring this decision that I have made to change my surroundings and serve you in a new way.

You never stayed in one place when you were here, you always went to new places.

Thats what I will be doing, because I want to grow and I dont want to stay where I am.

In your Name, 


Our Experiences

Dear Jesus,

First of all, thank you.

Everyday I discover how selfish and wicked my heart is.

How much I need to change.

But I am glad and content with the fact that you regard us as your own.

And everything that happens you’ve assured us that it is all working out for our good.

What is happening right now may not be what I expected and what I planned for, but I believe it is given me exactly what I need.

Its not easy but thank you that all our experiences are there to bring out the things that reflect you.

In your Name,