You Share in our Pains

Dear Jesus,

Death is such a horrible, horrible tragedy to face.

It hurts the people who are alive in such a profound way.

I pray for all the families who are greiving and mourning because they have lost a loved one.

No-one can quite understand the pain of losing someone unless experienced.

It is a paniful feeling; almost like sharing in the experience of death itself.

Lord I ask that you will comfort those families and that this tragedy will not change them in a negative way but that they will look to you knowing that you are even more closer at a time like this.

You share in our pains and our struggles especially death.

In your Name,



Let Us not Forget

Dear Jesus,

Hearts are still in pain over the lives that have been lost over the past few weeks.

Even though it is in the past, it all has left a deep wound in the hearts of many people especially relatives, children and significant others.

People who are still tryng to heal, cope with life and come to terms with what happened.

No one talks about it anymore, no one is standing up anymore or protesting, complaining, shouting, crying, hurting.

Let us not forget about it Lord. Let us not become the crowd. Let us help those where help is needed.

And please Lord come through for those people who are still in pain. Grow them so that they become great victors and not victims. Grow them to make a solid impact on the world for the rest of their lives.

For you said that in our weaknesses you make us stronger. Although our trials are hard to bear, you help us to bear them.

Thank you.

In your Name,


The Day or The Hour

Dear Jesus,

Yet another reason to be sad Lord.

My heart goes out to the people who lost loved ones and whose lives have been lost this week in the Grenfell Tower Fire

Why so much heartache? Why so much burden Lord? This is almost too much to bear.

Lord you see what is going on. I wonder how you feel about all of this. Lord you know the reasons behind everything.

At this time many are looking for answers. Many are trying to find an explanation to this. Many are angry and confused and hurt.

And although these things may remain a mystery for a while. Lord you are still God. You still sit upon your throne.

Nothing has changed about you and you still desire the best for us all. You love us dearly and want us to be saved. You would do anything to save us.

Lord help us to lean on you and devote ourselves to you.

Because none of us know the day or the hour where it could be the end.

In your Name,



In Your Company

Dear Jesus,

My heart is heavy again and in absolute shock at what this society is coming to.

Lord I am asking you to comfort those families who have lost friends and family in the terror events that unfolded in London.

We are truly living in amazing times where evil is increasing more and more.

You said that these things would happen as we approached the end of this world and your return.

If this is happening now I cant imagine what will be for the future. Things are looking more and more dark.

But Lord, I am so thankful that you are the same and constant and your light shines ever more brighter the darker this world gets.

We can trust you and rest assured that we are safe as long as we stay in your company.

In your Name,


Keep Our Souls Safe

Dear Jesus,

If theres one thing I can think of that is not gauranteed, its life.

It is not secure, it is not my own and It is not forever.

Anything can happen to us at any moment. 

Lord I pray for the relatives of the people lost on the flight to Egypt.

It is saddening and I can only imagine what they are going through and what those people lost went through.

Comfort them at this time for I know you are the best friend anyone can have.

Keep our souls safe no matter what happens.

In your Name,


Help us to remember

Dear Jesus,

This time is a special time right now for many people.

Its a time where we remember the sacrifice you made and the message you came to share with us.

Its a time where we can really appreciate you, who you are and all the good things you do for and in us.

You loved to do things that encouraged others to remember.

Such things like, the last supper and the rainbow our heavenly father put in the sky to tell us he would never flood the earth again. 

All these things help us to remember.

Thank you for this time.

In your Name,


Strong Men & Women

Dear Jesus,

Thank you for the sacrifice you made for us. 

Thank you for spending so much time with us, teaching us about how to live life the right way.

Thank you for taking care and being so gentle with us. 

You know we are weak but you desire for us to be strong, so you do what you do so we can grow into strong men and women.
Thank you so much for everything.

In your Name,