A Little Child

Dear Jesus,

Life is full of small and big changes. Changes that often threaten my comfort zone and what I have come to know and understand.

Lord when you were here you taught people many new things, things that challenged what they believed and what they stood for.

They were surprised that God would allow the things that you preached and taught.

Some even turned their backs on you thinking you were a worker of evil.

But Lord you also said that in order for us to recieve the teachings that you taught we would have to become like little children. Unlearned, excited and ready to be moulded and taught.

Blessed are those who recieved your teachings. I want to be like a little child Lord.

In your Name,



You Share in our Pains

Dear Jesus,

Death is such a horrible, horrible tragedy to face.

It hurts the people who are alive in such a profound way.

I pray for all the families who are greiving and mourning because they have lost a loved one.

No-one can quite understand the pain of losing someone unless experienced.

It is a paniful feeling; almost like sharing in the experience of death itself.

Lord I ask that you will comfort those families and that this tragedy will not change them in a negative way but that they will look to you knowing that you are even more closer at a time like this.

You share in our pains and our struggles especially death.

In your Name,


Author and Finisher of my Faith

Dear Jesus,

Thank you so much for being a ready friend to us all.

I have a request; that you will comfort and meet the needs of those that are hurting in their hearts right now.

You are the author and finisher of my faith and you have called me to show and demonstrate my faith to others.

How can I help people who need help? What can I do?

You are a compassionate friend; the same compassion you show to me in my times of difficulties and distress, help me to show the same to others even when they are unloving and unkind.

In your Name,