A Little Child

Dear Jesus,

Life is full of small and big changes. Changes that often threaten my comfort zone and what I have come to know and understand.

Lord when you were here you taught people many new things, things that challenged what they believed and what they stood for.

They were surprised that God would allow the things that you preached and taught.

Some even turned their backs on you thinking you were a worker of evil.

But Lord you also said that in order for us to recieve the teachings that you taught we would have to become like little children. Unlearned, excited and ready to be moulded and taught.

Blessed are those who recieved your teachings. I want to be like a little child Lord.

In your Name,



Your word Inspires many

Dear Jesus,

I see everyday how the world is becoming more and more evil just by the way the children in this world behave.

Is this what will be? Children growing up to be heartless, impulsive, selfish and uncaring.

It makes me so sad and scared for what will come.

But Lord at the same time I am greatful that you have provided us with guidelines and instructions on how to live our lives.

And these you have shared with us so we can share them and teach them to our own children.

After all I don’t feel so hopeless because your word insires many for now and always.

In your Name,



Like Arrows´╗┐

Dear Jesus,

In the bible you have described children as arrows.

I wonder why you said that? And a man who has them is described as a warrior.


What an illustration Lord. What does that mean? 

You have shown many of us that children are indeed a blessing and challenge every part of us to extend and bend far beyond what we thought possible.

Thank you.

In your Name,