Dear Jesus,

Thank you for revealing to me the truth about life.

You kept back things from certain people. Why? But you never held back from people who didn’t know the answers.

Lord I will try to keep what you have told me treasured and sacred. Because you said that we should be careful who we share ourselves with. Not everyone will appreciate what we have and know.

Help me to discern the opportunities to share the gifts and knowledge you have given to me.

To help others see how loving you are and how you want them with you.

In your Name,



Dear Jesus,

There are so many stories about the different people you met and what you did for them.

Some of them weren’t from what you considered ‘the fold’.

But you still treated them in the same way you would anybody else, whether they were a jew or not.

Thank you for treating me and so many others with such kindness and inclusion.

Help us to appreciate you and do the same to others regardless their age, enthnicity and status.

In your Name,



Dear Jesus,

I remember reading about when Peter and many different people from different places came together to meet you.

They all spoke different languages but they were understood by many others because you gave them the power to speak and be understood.

But you also gave many the opportunity to understand.

Lord, many of us find it difficult to be understood, even to understand.

You said many times that to get understanding is wise and to impart understanding to others is light.

What am I need to understand right now lord?

In your Name,



Dear Jesus,

Thank you for coming to this earth to show us the truth about this life.

The truth about real happiness and what is important.

What is a life and death matter.

How can I pass this up. 

Help us to look and learn about you and see your place in everything.

See how you fit into every little detail of our lives.

Help us to understand who you are and what you came for and why you came.

In your Name,



Dear Jesus,

Thank you for opening up the way to go out and experience new things.

To meet new people, to start new ventures, to discover and learn new things. 

Thank you for honouring this decision that I have made to change my surroundings and serve you in a new way.

You never stayed in one place when you were here, you always went to new places.

Thats what I will be doing, because I want to grow and I dont want to stay where I am.

In your Name, 



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