Will of God


Dear Jesus,

Thank you for coming into my heart and helping me to be more like you.

I haven’t done anything to deserve all the miraculous things you have done in and for me, but its you wanting and longing to be united with us.

I’m finding it hard to understand what your will is for us.

But your love, kindness and patience towards me is clear.

If there is anything I want to understand, its your love.

What do you desire for us Lord? What do you think about us?

In your Name,




Dear Jesus,

I read this quote today “God filled the void this earth created and became my teacher, helping me to decode this life”.

That is true. Jesus you are our teacher, our helper, our friend, our brother.

Yes you help us to understand what life is all about.

You help us to achieve and accomplish and you make things possible.

I am amazed that these things that you have entrusted to my care e.g (say all the things you have responsibility over in your daily life) are not for my own sake, but for your sake.

How can I meet your purpose through these things?

In your Name,



Dear Jesus,

Thank you for healing me.

Although I am still in pain, I know that your working behind the scenes to make me strong again.

Thank you for the tender loving care of (say their name/s)

I know you sent them. 

There are somethings I didn’t have to do because of their provision.

This is my prayer for all the sick people. Provide help for them all the time so their burdens can be lightened.

In your Name,



Dear Jesus,

No matter what, you are a kind God and you care so much for us.

When we’re not achieving you let us know gently, you dont leave us alone.

You create opportunities we’re we can achieve and have the chance to reach our full potential.

The kind of potential that makes us all you want us to be, to express what you are and all your glory.

Thank you that now you are doing that in me.

In your Name,



Dear Jesus,

You are my shepherd and I am your sheep.

Though the paths you take us on are right paths, some of these paths are dark and scary.

David wrote a prayer on this and lord I believe that he understood that you would take him through these dark places.

But he also understood that you were his comfort and he wasn’t alone because you were only taking him through them.

Help us all to understand that we are not alone and we have nothing to be afraid of.

You know where we are going and you know where to take us.

Help us to follow your lead.

In your Name,



Dear Jesus,

Its the start of a new day. A new week. A new year. 

New agendas and perspectives and starts.

Whatever we have purposed in our minds to accomplish Lord I pray that it will be acceptable to you.

If it is not your will for us to achieve these things Lord I pray that you will give us your understanding.

We need you so much more to make it through the challenges ahead.

Thank you for listening in 2015.

In your Name,



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