Raising Children


Dear Jesus,

Keep my children cheerful and full of joy and love.

They are my biggest teachers. But you not only invited us to come to you, you did not leave out the children. Instead you have instructed us to encourage and let them come to you, be around you and your love.

Work through me to show affection to my children, help them feel valued, especially since there are so many ways that they are devalued in this world.

Forgive me for snapping at them and for having little patience with them.

You are so patient with us. Help me to recognise the ways you are patient with me and demonstrate these to my children.

In your Name,




Dear Jesus,

Thank you so much for answering our prayers.

Its so good to know that your always looking out for us.

When we do evil things, things that are not what you want for us, things that are not of who you are, you are their to show us the right way.

We will never be lost as long as your guiding us.

Is this the attitude you desire me to have towards my children? What can I learn about my children? What can I do to help them live this life the right way?

You have blessed me with wonderful children and you have blessed me with skills and qualities that will help teach them about life.

Help me to discover and practise these things.

In your Name,




Dear Jesus,

Thank you for your patience and lightheartedness toward us.

That is what helps me laugh at life sometimes.

I can imagine you sitting there beside us listening to all our issues and problems and laughing.

Not because you find it funny, but because you know each and every one of us so deeply and so well.

Your beloved children.

You know our habits and you know our ways.

At the same time you desire and always have something to teach us. Something we can take away and apply to our lives.

Help us to be just like that towards our own children.

Lighthearted and always ready to teach.

In your Name,



Dear Jesus,

My son needs your help. He is a young boy with feelings.

I can never know completely what they are but you know and you know how to help him deal with them.

Now I know he needs strength and courage.

I am so proud and inspired by him.

Continue to bless his life.

Give me the wisdom and understanding to say words that will elevate and build him up.

In your Name,



Dear Jesus,

Its on my mind right now to talk about the future with you.

You regard our men highly, especially sons.

I can’t help but feel an urgency on my future and all the people involved including the people in my present.

Especially my son.

Lord, what do you want us to teach our sons?

How can I influence my son for good?

This is so important, because its not about what I want.

My impact is so wrapped up into everything that I do.

Help us understand.

In your Name,



Dear Jesus,

My child is young. He/she is only … years old.

He/she is growing up so fast. Every so often I discover something new about him/her.

You love and value him/her so much. I want to support her/him better.

What can I do? What kind of activities could I do with him/her?

Maybe some new songs? Days out?

Please open my eyes to what my child is passionate about.

In your Name,



Dear Jesus,

Thank you for giving me this desire to nurture and care for children.

You cared for children very much and disliked it when others turned them away from you.

I am still learning so much about my children, other children and their needs.

It takes a lot of moving beyond myself to meet their needs.

What one, small thing can I do day in and day out to meet their needs?

In your Name,



Dear Jesus,

Tank you for blessing me with my children.

Thank you for giving me the responsibility to be an educator and a carer to my children.

Its not easy, it is hard work. But it is also so challenging and rewarding in so many ways.

I get to mould my children and teach them what you’ve taught me. I get to see you in my children and everything that you are and that is beautiful.

In your Name,


Dear Jesus, 

There is something that I really want so much.

I think its a good thing. But I know that not everything that is good is actually good for us.

We are all so different and we handle things in different ways.

But, nevertheless, you know us better than we know ourselves.

So, lord, I would love to have children and invest all my time in my children bringing them up, teaching them and caring for them and just generally looking after them.

There is so much that I need to learn now before I get to that stage. Before you see fit to bless me with the privilege of having children.

If it is your will.

In your Name,



Dear Jesus,

Encourage my family. They have high ambitions, desires and goals. Noble ones.

Encourage them and give them success in every good thing that they set their hearts on.

Make it successful.

Help them to plan and know their skills and talents and use them wisely.

Build up their confidence and grow them into respectable and honourable men and women.

In your Name,



Dear Jesus,

Thank you for the blessing of parenting. 

To have the responsibility to bring up a child is an honour and a privilege. 

To share the wisdom you have taught me and in the same way teach it to another impressionable mind is an exciting experience.

Not only is it exciting lord, it is interesting, it is challenging and it is educating for me.

Lord, I believe that having children is a blessing to give you all the thanks for.

So thank you. 

In your Name,



Dear Jesus,

In the bible you have described children as arrows.

I wonder why you said that? And a man who has them is described as a warrior.


What an illustration Lord. What does that mean? 

You have shown many of us that children are indeed a blessing and challenge every part of us to extend and bend far beyond what we thought possible.

Thank you.

In your Name,



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