Overcoming Powers of Darkness


Dear Jesus,

Thank you for healing me from my sins.

You have freed me from the powers of darkness.

I am free to trust you, to do the right thing in your eyes.

You have said that I can do all things through you because you give me the strength to do it.

I am free to do the will of my God.

In your Name,




Dear Jesus,

Today is a new day.

Right now I am confused, I am unsure and I feel worthless.

You said to us that instead of letting our burdens and sin hold us back we should keep our eyes focused on you.

It is hard, even more to put it into action.

Lord I believe that whatever I believe I will do.

Help me to believe this and know that when we keep our eyes focused on you, sin will not control us.

And that alone makes me happy and strong.

In your Name,



Dear Jesus,

Thank you for this opportunity to fast and pray to you.

Because you have required us to take up this discipline.

Help us to examine the reasons why we are fasting. You have said that this is the type of fast that you desire.

To loosen the heavy burdens and set the captives free.

There are so many people with heavy burdens, some that are unkown and who are not free including me.

Please give us the power we need.

In your Name,



Dear Jesus,

When you were here you almost turned away a woman from being healed.

You compared her to a dog and held back what you said was for a select few.


But then you commended her for the faith she had. That whatever you gave her was enough.

Whatever you gave her was enough to make her better again.

Lord, whatever you give us, help us to also have faith that all will be well.

In your Name,



Dear Jesus,

What does it mean to be strong?
How do I recognise strenght in others and myself?
Lord, how were you strong when you were here? 
You went through so much drama and trouble but at the same time did so many good things. Is that what being strong is?
Doing good things?
Lord, what must I do to be strong like you?

In your Name,


Dear Jesus,

Please help me.

I feel as though I am dying spiritually, mentally, emotionally.

I am losing interest in church, in being around christians and I am losing my patience with people. 

I dont know whats happening and whats going to happen in the future.

Lord, you said that you are close to those who broken and beat down inside.

If I have ever been that way, I know I am now.

Please Lord, have patience. Have mercy.

In your Name,



Dear jesus,

I haven’t been through anything that pushes me too much to my limit.

And through everything, you have given me the strength to handle it and bear it.

You said that through our temptations you would provide a way of escape that we would all be able to bear our temptations.

This gives me alot of peace of mind and encourages me that you are looking after us and you know us so well.
In your Name,



Dear Jesus,

This time of year is such a joyous time.

People running to and fro in preparation for the big day. 

Everyone is so excited. But at the same this time of year comes with its temptations.

Spending. Drinking. Sex. Overindulging.

Lord help us to practise self-control and discipline and enter the new year with a hopeful and optimistic outlook on life.

In your Name,



Dear Jesus,

Life can be so complicated. Life is complicated. Somethings are not completely black and white. 

Its hard to understand what is truth and what is lies. Sometimes its even hard to understand myself and why I do the thngs I do.

Lord I need help to overcome the difficulties I am facing right now. The temptations, the hardships and the challenges.

So many of us go through different things on a daily basis and we have developed ways to cope with them. But Lord you have the best advice to give.

What do you have to say to us?

In your Name,



Dear Jesus,

Im fed up. Fed up of work. Fed up of life. Sometimes i’m even fed up of people.

Did you feel this way. Did you feel like giving up and not caring? Did you feel like just doing what you wanted to do?

That is how I feel right now. And I feel that that is what I am doing.

Lord I need encouragement and strength to be focused again. 

To go back on the right track that you intended for me.

In your Name,



Dear Jesus,

Its been a tough few weeks. Everything just seems to be overwhelming.

Its hard to find the energy to keep up and respond to life’s demands and duties.

If there was ever a time where I needed supernatural power to make it through it is now.

You said that your strength is made perfect in weakness and with that we can do all things through you who gives us the strength to do so.

I beleive that you are giving us your strength and supporting us.

In your Name,



Dear Jesus,

I have an addiction. It is a sinful addiction and I desperately need your help to come out of this.

No matter how much I try to justify my actions I know deep down your heart is breaking.

I feel controlled and imprisoned struggling to break free. 

I am confused and dont know what to do. Each time I feel more guilty and ashamed.

Please help me to stop.

In your Name,



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