Dear Jesus,

What does it mean to worship you in spirit and in truth?

Guide me to and show me what actions are pleasing and acceptable in your eyes.

Protect us from false teaching and actions, but help us to come to you first for the answers to our questions.

Why did you do things you did when you were here? What motivated you?

Stop me and tell me when my motives are not right in your eyes.

Thank you for your people who work so hard to teach us what is right and what is true.

In your Name,



Dear Jesus,

You always told the truth. 

Even at the point of your death you told the truth.

That tells me that telling the truth is an important quality to you.


Why do we need to tell the truth? 

In Your Name,



Dear Jesus,

When you were here, there was a time when you were really angry with some people.

You were angry at the way we dealt with problems, what we didn’t do and the things we forgot. 

You said that what mattered was justice, mercy and faith.

It was never about tradition and rules and protocol. 

Lord what is justice, mercy and faith? 

In your Name,


Examine Ourselves

Dear Jesus,

Other people these days are so hard to trust. 

They do things that makes me question there attitude towards me.

I do things that damages the possibility of building bridges.

Lord, you said that these are not easy times. Things are coming to an end and the world is becoming more evil.

But Lord, encourage us to examine ourselves constantly and to really get to know the things that you like and that you accept.

In your Name,



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