Making Friends


Dear Jesus,

Thank you for friends. I know you think good and precious thoughts about friends because you called many people friends when you were here.

Use me in whatever way to make me a friend as well.

I feel nervous, scared and awkward sometimes when I meet new people.

You said I can do all things through you who gives me the strength and the abilities.

I trust that even in those times you will help me to make that step.

Thank you for all you’ve done so far.

It is not me being a friend but you and your the best friend any one could ever have.

In your Name,




Dear Jesus,

Thank you for helping us understand what being a friend is all about, in your eyes.

You are my friend, because you shared yourself with me.

You have shared things about God to me.

We haven’t called you a friend, you called us friends first, you chose us.

You’ve commanded us to go and do the same to others.

Can you help us to develop the ways, the mannerisms, the language, everything needed to do that?

In your Name,



Dear Jesus,

Thank you for my friends; (say all the names of your close friends).

I know you will introduce me to many more in the future.

Help us to be team players. Help us all to work together to achieve our goals.

What kind of goals should we have Lord? What ways can we share our goals with each other? How should we achieve them?

Lord, I don’t believe you have called us to just be general acquaintances but to develop purposeful friendships.

What does a purposeful friendship look like?

Thank you for our friendship.

In your Name,



Dear Jesus,

There are individuals within my circle of influence that I don’t talk to much.

There are individuals I don’t know at all.

And there are individuals who desire to get to know others a little better.

Help us to be friendly towards each other.

To be open and accepting of the good hospitality and grace that is being extended to us.

But help us to be wise in our quest in befriending and being befriended.

In your Name,



Dear Jesus,

Its been an eventful day.

Im glad. I know you were with us all throughout. 

Im meeting someone new tomorrow.

I pray our encounter will be sweet and harmonious.

I pray that we will speak only words of peace and kindness towards each other.

I pray he/she will be comfortable and happy.

In your Name,



Dear Jesus,

You loved connecting with people when you were here.

You spent moments each day investing your time into building close relationships with people.

You shared things with people, you helped people, you confided in others and others confided in you.

How blessed you are to have had so many meaningful relationships, to be rejected and to still want to be connected to others.

Thank you for this example you have given us.

In your Name,



Dear Jesus,

Thank you for the opportunities you give us to learn. 

Sometimes I think I know everything but you remind me all the time that I dont.

And there are so many things I can learn especially from others. 

Please help us to appreciate that people have so many valuable experiences and knowledge to share with us.

What kind of questions can I ask lord?
In your Name,



Dear Jesus,

What do you think about the terms social anxiety, shyness and quietness.

Whats the difference between them?

Lord I am not the best at socialising and I am not the most skilled at having conversations with people.

But you’ve taken me a long way in my learning how.

There are so many others who want to but don’t know how. 

Guide them to sources that will support them and teach them.

In your Name,



Dear Jesus,

It is amazing to think about how much people there are on this planet.

All different kinds of people. Different personalities and characters. With different interests and cultures.

I am about to embark on a journey where I will be getting to know a culture, a language and a way of doing things.

I think this would be so good for me. Thank you so much for helping me make this decision. 

Many of us are out there willing to explore this wonderful creation that you made. Guide us in these noble endeavors.

In your Name,


Dear Jesus,


Thank you for friends.

Thank you for the privilege to make friends and the process it takes to get to know someone.

Its different to knowing family. It takes intimacy, attention, time and vulnerability.

I have made friendships with your help. Many long lasting friendships have been made with your help.

When you were here you made close friendships with many people.

Teach us how to make friends.

In your Name,



Dear Jesus,

Thank you for the people you bring into our lives to inspire us, teach us and care for us.

It is hard to create that family feeling with people we do not know.

Because in this world we are so used to keeping to ourselves and staying with our own cliques.

But a lot of lifes learning and eye openers come from discovering the experiences of others and getting to know what makes us different.

Thank you that this privilege is open to every single one of ys regardless of where we are in our lives.

In your Name,



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