Getting Along with Church Members


Dear Jesus,

You said that you have given us your peace. Thank you for your peace.

Give us, as church members, the strength to use your peace and work in unity with each other.

Each and every one of us are fearfully and wonderfully made. You have given us our desires. Keep talking to us individually, showing us what your all about.

Deal with each of us in the best way you think is best.

Make us new and please don’t take your holy spirit away when we push you away.

Give each and every one of us opportunities where we can help each other out using what you have revealed to us.

You are the father of light, must I get to know you first before I go and spread light to others?

In your Name,




Dear Jesus,

Its been a good day. A day full of your blessings and love.

A day full of care from everyone towards each other.

I want to ask that you will help to talk to people who I don’t know very well. Especially the people at my church.

You said through the bible that we ought to take care of ourselves and not just ourselves but especially our own household.

Bless them all, comfort them at all times and I pray that you will use me to be a support network for them.

In your Name




Dear Jesus,

You are so awesome. Your joy is real.

Despite our circumstances, disappointments, worries and concerns we are free to be content and happy.

Something that can never be taken away from us because you help us to be happy. You love us unconditionally.

Continue to feed us and teach us so that we can, not just live the life but also teach others to live this life.

Thank you for the church.

Its a privilege to know that when I am surrounded by the church I am surrounded by your love. That is where I can see and learn what your love is really like.

Create that kind of mind in us that is constantly willing to learn new things.

You said that we ought not to conform to this world but be transformed by the renewing of our minds.

I believe that you are creating something good in all of us.

In your Name,





Dear Jesus,

Daddy, dad, comforter, teacher, guide, protecter, friend, family.

Im looking forward to spending time with my family.

My church family.

Im so excited.

I feel like this is how you desire me to feel about you coming back for us.

To be ready, to be excited, to want you, to be with you.

Despite the difficulties, to always be in connection with you.

To always seek your counsel in trouble and endure.

To do things that represent your glory and seek your presence even when I feel like I don’t deserve it.

To come boldly to your throne.

In your Name,



Dear Jesus,

I want to let you know that I am happy that you are with us.

Help us all to remain hopeful and to never condemn ourselves or others.

Lord, I am thankful that despite the difficulties there is something we all have the power to do.

To Try!

We may fail, we may get angry, we may get lazy and upset but thank you for the opportunities you give us to try.

Help my church family to try at whatever is dearest to them, whatever is noble and great.

In your Name,



Dear Jesus,

Thank you for family.

We may not all have families we are genetically related to.

And we may have very big or small families.

I am grateful for the people whom you have placed in my care and affection. 

I feel very privileged to have been given such a responsibility.

I just want to say thank you.

Even so, thank you that you call us your children, sons and daughters, sisters and brothers. 

We are a great big family. A royal family.

In your Name,



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