Comparing Self with Others


Dear Jesus,

Thank you for always being there for me. Thank you for having mercy on me.

Your thoughts about me are great, remind of this when I begin to compare myself with others.

You have invited me to pick up my cross and follow you, not myself, not my friends, not my family, not society, but you.

Its really hard, but you have been so good in helping me to connect with those you love and want to deeply restore.

I trust that you will use me the way you want to use me. Your love is great towards me and others.

Help me to be the person you want me to be.

In your Name,




Dear Jesus,

Thank you for life.

Thank you for giving us the ability to learn and grow.

We are still learning a great deal.

We have a lot of growing up to do but we have done a lot of growing up.

Help us to honour our own journey’s, even our current situations as designed to help each and every one of us grow inside and out.

Help us also to honour other people’s journey’s, not compare but learn from them.

You said that iron sharpens iron.

Help me to see others as my teachers and encouragers and use me to be a teacher and an encourager to others.

In your Name,



Dear Jesus,

Seeing life and ourselves as the bible teaches is what we desire.

Where can I go to learn more of how you see things? What should I do? 

Let what I learn become a part of me and control and inspire every choice and decision.

Remind me that you also value others and desire the same good things for them.

So that I can never settle on looking down on others.

Because you want the best for all of us.

In your Name,



Dear Jesus,

Its another day.

We don’t know what to expect today. 

You said that everyday has enough worries in itself.

So because of that, help me meet the challenges of today with courage and wisdom.

Help us all not to stay discouraged about the mistakes we make

To dwell more on the positive things we do, to keep on doing the best we can and what we know in our hearts from what you’ve taught us, is good.

In your Name



Dear Jesus,

Our father in heaven created us all. All in his kind, to operate and function like him.

Thats such a privilege and a blessing to know that I am a part of what he’s like.

We are pretty awesome beings.

Help us not to use the special intelligence you’ve blessed us with to focus too much on the bad in ourselves and others.

But to look at the good and to dig deep for the real reasons behind all circumstances so that we can act in ways you are pleased with.

Lord I have a question, I’d like to make changes but what if nothing changes after all?

In your Name,



Dear Jesus,

Thank you for the dark valleys in our lives.

They’ve taught me what it is to be mature and all grown up.

I’m still growing because everyday I learn something deeper. 

Everyday I learn something new about myself and those around me. 

When I look at the life others lead, sometimes I wish I could do the things they do and be in the positions they are in.

But Lord, when I look over my life and think on the amazing things you have done for me and through me I can’t help but be happy and comforted that you are taking good care of me.

Thank you so much.

In your Name,



Dear Jesus,

You made us all unique. Each of us with our own personalities, our own quirks, our own flaws and qualities. 

All of these make us, us.

Sometimes I want the things other people, and sometimes I wish I had qualities other people had.

But I know this is not appreciating the amazing work that you are doing in me and for me.

So help us to appreciate ourselves and to honour and embrace who we are. 

Then I can be truly what I am meant to be.

In your Name,



Dear Jesus,

This year you want to do so many new things with us.

You are constantly wanting to do many new things in us, for us and with us.

That is your speciality.

That is what you do best.

Please give us that kind of strength that will welcome anything that helps us to grow from the persons that we are right now.

You have bought us a long way and all of our journeys are unique.

You said that you jave started a good work in us and that you will continue that good work until you come back to take us home.

In your Name,



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