Plentiful & Rich

Dear Jesus,

I have a special prayer for some very important people in my life.

My mother and my father. You gave some  very important instructions about the mother father relationship.

You also demonstrated that when you were here. You said how important it is to honour them and respect them so that our days would be long, plentiful and rich.

How simple an instruction but yet how vital it is for life.

Lord I know this to be true because I have seen famlies torn apart because of this simple instruction not being obeyed.

Lord help us in this.

In your Name,



We Trust You

Dear Jesus,

Its about to be a new week.

The previous week has been eventful. Lots of heartache and loss but also a lot of releif and good news for many.

As we approach this new week I pray that you will carry us through safely.

Put a hedge around us that will protect us from all kinds of evil this coming week.

Lord it is unbeleivable to know that the evil we can see with our human eyes is nothing compared to that which you can see.

So Lord, we trust you that you can and will take care of us.

In your Name,


Tasted & Seen

Dear Jesus,

I just want to say how greatful I am of the opportunities and open doors you have made possible.

Although others may put it down to luck or the efforts of self. Lord I know you are in charge of this world and everything belongs to you.

You have made yourself known to me, you have shared things with me that none other will know in the same way.

I feel privileged to have been in your presence and very blessed to be chosen by you.

I have tasted and seen that you are good.

In your Name,


Bring Us Home

Dear Jesus,

I want to say a special prayer right now. I think it is the right time.

My heart goes out to the people caught up in the terror attack in Manchester. There families and friends.

Lord I dont understand why people would go to such lengths to prove a point. Lengths that affect lives and destroy families.

But Lord, you know all, and you see all and you understand everything. You said that all these things would happen and that we should not be alarmed.

Evil and hatred for each other would increase. And with this you are preparing to come back and take us back home. Lord I know that your heart is eager to bring us home.

I pray that in the meantime, keep us strong and committed to you.

In your Name,



A Blessing Waiting

Dear Jesus,

You never cease to amaze me. You are in control and everything you do is always for a reason.

Sometimes its hard to understand the situations I find myself in and its hard to navigate through and stay committed to my responsibilities.

But you Lord make it so clear that behind every experience there is purpose and you need us to be strong so that we can be used by you.

Thank you for encouraging me and keeping me committed to you even though it feels like a long hard slug.

Because in the end there is always a blessing waiting.

Thank you.

In your Name,


Safe & Sound

Dear Jesus,

Life is full of surprises. Noone knows what one experience will hold to the next.

People are different, attitudes and beliefs are different.

Where I am now is what I am used to, what I have come to adjust to and conform to.

Looking back I never knew I would be right here in this moment.

Thank you Lord for being with us every step of the way. And thank you for guiding us and teaching us through each and every moment.

Lifes journey is full of so many complexities but with you we can take one day at a time safe and sound.

In your Name,


Keep Looking & Searching

Dear Jesus,

You said to us that we should not worry because tomorrow has enough worries of its own.

But instead we should keep looking and searching for the things that are of you and you will take care of the rest.

I worry alot about so many things. About my job, about my money, about where I am heading.

I am so glad that you desire us to make that effort, to discover and go to the place where you are. You dont desire us to worry or to be scared but to be happy and at peace and enjoy learning of you.

I am so glad that you never stop encouraging us to do just that.

Reveal to us what your all about.

In your Name,