What is important

Dear Jesus,

Its been a tough past few weeks. 

Experiences have come to an end, new things have started up. Adjustments and goals have been made.

Everyday there is something to learn. Even about ourselves; what one can and cannot do.

Thank you for this insight and thank you for helping me discover life and what is important. 

Help us now.

In your Name,



New Season

Dear Jesus,

Its the start of a new season. 

Many of us are preparing to go back to work, school, new projects, some of us are even preparing to go on holiday.

I want to take this time to thank you for your protection over me.

For providing for me over the last couple of weeks and allowing me to relax and prepare my mind and soul for what is in store this new season.

Whatever we have in store guide and open doors every step of the way. 

I love that about you Lord. You always know how to help each and every one of us.

In your Name,