To Live

Dear Jesus,

Today is a day where a lot of patience and understanding is needed so very much.

So many things have taken place this week.

I am learning to accept whatever comes and look forward to the future with excitement.

Lord thank you for taking us through this week. 

For guiding us through all the circumstances, failures and stresses.

To be alive is a blessing because it is anither chance to live.

In your Name, 



Times Like These

Dear Jesus,

Its an exciting time right now. Its hard to feel anything but happy and grateful.

You are very familiar with times like these.

I want to thank you for blessing us and helping us to be happy and grateful for all the things you give us.

Because you love us and you want us all to be happy and prosper in all the things we do.

Even when times are uncertain and rough there is always something that you place in our way to grateful for.

In your Name,