Starting New Things

Dear Jesus,

Its the end of the week, the end of a month and the start of a new one.

The start of a new season.

Some of us will be going back to work, some of us will be going back to school, some of us will be starting new journeys.

Thank you for new opportunities and chances to grow and let go.

What a perfect time to be starting new things.

In your Name,



Father & Friend

Dear Jesus,

Thank you for the lessons you teach us in the bible.

About the way you dealt with different kind of people.

Real people. With real situations. Everyday situations and dilemmas. Political and personal.

Im still learning so much.

And the beauty of it, is that we are a so different with different experiences going on, different ways and different natures.

New and unique.

But you know just the way to deal with us all. 

There is nothing that you cannot relate to.

You are an amazing father and freind.

In your Name,



Dear Jesus,

I remember reading about when Peter and many different people from different places came together to meet you.

They all spoke different languages but they were understood by many others because you gave them the power to speak and be understood.

But you also gave many the opportunity to understand.

Lord, many of us find it difficult to be understood, even to understand.

You said many times that to get understanding is wise and to impart understanding to others is light.

What am I need to understand right now lord?

In your Name,


Hope to Cling to

Dear Jesus,

I have done wrong. I can’t take it back. Its been done.

Please help me to look back and learn from this and try and resolve it.

I don’t want to make it a burden but to look forward in hope.

Thank you for the hope you give us, I can’t imagine what life would be like if you didn’t give us hope to cling to. 

We would all be very miserable, unhappy and sad. Life would be un-livable.

Thank you.

In your Name,


The Fold

Dear Jesus,

There are so many stories about the different people you met and what you did for them.

Some of them weren’t from what you considered ‘the fold’.

But you still treated them in the same way you would anybody else, whether they were a jew or not.

Thank you for treating me and so many others with such kindness and inclusion.

Help us to appreciate you and do the same to others regardless their age, enthnicity and status.

In your Name,


Have Faith

Dear Jesus,

When you were here you almost turned away a woman from being healed.

You compared her to a dog and held back what you said was for a select few.


But then you commended her for the faith she had. That whatever you gave her was enough.

Whatever you gave her was enough to make her better again.

Lord, whatever you give us, help us to also have faith that all will be well.

In your Name,


Seek Peace & Pursue It

Dear Jesus, 

Life can be so complicated. 

Especially that our lives are so connected to others.

I feel that I can get through life just doing most things on my own and I would be happy.

No dissappointments, no expectations, no worries.

Is it ok to feel this way. 

You’ve advised that we should seek peace and pursue it.

How can I seek peace in the connections I have with others?

In your Name,