A Person of Integrity

Dear Jesus,

Everyone wants to be a person of integrity. 

But really and truely, what does it mean?

You encouraged us to buy from you in exchange for gold, white clothing and eye salve.

What do these things do? What is the cost? Why are you wanting me to buy these things so much?

In your Name,



To Hang Around With You

Dear Jesus,

You hung out with a lot of people who others considered unimportant and unworthy.

But you wasn’t with them to judge them, you were with them because you cared about their lives and what they did with them.

And you also said that the people who would stay hanging out with you are people who speak truth.

People who have nothing to be blamed for.

People who do what is right.

People who don’t talk badly and damage the reputation of others.

Lord forgive me.

We want to hang around with you Lord and stay with you.

In your Name,


Running Away

Dear Jesus,

Life is full of hurt, stress, pain, uncomfort, surprises, expectations and standards.

I feel like I’m running away from all these things.

 What am I running away from?

We don’t want to run away from you God.

Although our experiences may be confusing and unstable at times, knowing that you are with us makes the experience worth while.

Through it you allow us to be taught and to learn your ways.

Help us to remember this.

In your Name,


Tested and Proved

Dear Jesus,

Your words are pure words, like silver refined in a furnace on the ground, purified seven times.

They are true, every single one of them.

Which means we can trust your word. 

We can believe that you are speaking the truth.

When you command us, encourage us, woo us, warn us, enlighten us, inspire us, advise us, teach us and instruct us.

Everything you say to us is true.

They have been tested and proved by lots of people.

Thank you for this reassurance.

In your Name,


Appreciate You

Dear Jesus,

You are righteous and you love righteous actions.

You said that when the upright see what your like they will know what goodness is all about.

Let us never lose sight of what you share with us about yourself.

Just like a friend appreciates their friends for who they are, help us to appreciate you for who you are.

You are a listener, you are a protector, you are so wise and so calm. You are so creative and considerate of all our differences. You are such a great problem solver and you are so good at giving practical advice.

Thank you, you are all these things to me and more. How are you with others? 

I want to learn more about you.

In your Name,


Behold Your Face

Dear Jesus,

Thank you so much for thinking of me.

You sent an angel to encourage me yesterday and to send me that gift to cheer me as I walked along my way.

Thank you for thinking about us all, whom you send angels to help us get courage and inspiration to keep going.

In our jobs, in our homes, in our churches, whereever we are your always there to keep our eyes focused on the kind and righteous things that you do.

You said that the upright will behold your face.

Help us to behold your face and see what your like.

In your Name,


Words are Not Sufficient

Dear Jesus,

I don’t have all the words to thank you for everything that you do.

Not just what you do but what you have done.

What you are.

Words are just not enough, words are not sufficient to tell you.

Thank you, because at least then being thankful to you will never grow old. 

Give us new inspiration in other ways we can show our gratitude to you.

In your Name,