Telling the Truth

Dear Jesus,

You always told the truth. 

Even at the point of your death you told the truth.

That tells me that telling the truth is an important quality to you.


Why do we need to tell the truth? 

In Your Name,



I Am Worried

Dear Jesus,

Thank you for bringing us productively through this day.

Its been up and down but things have been accomplished and for that I am grateful.

I need your help. 

I am worried about what’s going to happen because of (say what you are worried about). 

Things haven’t turned out too well in the past when things like this happened.

I am worried that the peace that I feel has been built will be destroyed.

What do I do? 

Please help.

In your Name,



Dear Jesus,

You have said that amongst many other things, gentleness is a trait of an individual who is being led by you.

I have seen this week, how ungentle people can be with other people and how ungentle I am.

We are so fragile. 

There are so many influences around us seeking to change us into something you don’t like.

Lord, make us more gentle even when others are not so gentle with us.

Lord, I dont want to break others anymore. I want to treat others gently.

In your Name,



Dear Jesus,

Im choosing to be thankful for the freedom you give to us all to be free to just be, without fear of guilt and shame.

You love us so much regardless of what we do, say or think.

But you don’t desire for us to stay as we are, you desire us to change.

I’m learning to settle in my mind that change is not easy, change is not straightforward, change is not easy to understand and sometimes change doesn’t have a formula to follow.

And the only way change will happen is if I accept all the good things you want to share with me.

In your Name,


Keep Alive

Dear Jesus,

Thank you for the privilege to do good things for others.

You said we should not get tired of doing the right thing and doing good things for others.

Its so easy to give up and lose our inner strength especially when there is little appreciation.

But you also said that there will be a return, all we need do is keep going, keep alive and keep doing those things you have taught us to do.

That makes me happy and content. 

Thank you Lord.

In your Name,


You have Listened

Dear Jesus,

Please say a prayer right now for me.

For everyone who is finding it hard to speak what is concerning and burdening them.

You said that we don’t really understand and know how we should pray.

But even then you understand us and you act on our behalf, sticking up for us and telling God everything that is worrying us.

I am so grateful that you have heard me and you have listened to me.

In your Name,