You Cried Because You Love Us

Dear Jesus,

I read in your bible that you cried.

You cried when you realised no one believed in you.

You cried because you love us so much and don’t want any of us lost because of our distrust in you.

Sometimes we find it hard to trust you, to see who you say you are and to know it.

We say things and we do things out of distust of you.

Forgive us. Help us to trust you.

In your Name,



Wisdom & Knowledge

Dear Jesus,

Its the end of a long and tiring week.

Deadlines, good news, bad news, tasks, commitments, a lot has gone on in the space of just a week.

But through it all, you gave us lessons. 

By that we know we will never stop learning, though the days may be long and tiresome.

What did you teach me this week Lord? To always reach out to you and talk over with you about every decision and choice I make.

Even though it may seem far-fetched; you said that when we search for right wisdom and knowledge about everything we will come to know you.

Thank you.

In your Name,


A Royal Family

Dear Jesus,

Thank you for family.

We may not all have families we are genetically related to.

And we may have very big or small families.

I am grateful for the people whom you have placed in my care and affection. 

I feel very privileged to have been given such a responsibility.

I just want to say thank you.

Even so, thank you that you call us your children, sons and daughters, sisters and brothers. 

We are a great big family. A royal family.

In your Name,


A Relationship

Dear Jesus,

Thank you for your guidance.

Lord, it says in your bible  that it is good to be single. 

We should desire singleness more over marriage.

But lord, some of us do desire marriage and much more a relationship that you are pleased with.

Give us wisdom in this. In making wise choices in the dating relationships we form.

Remind us to always ask your opinion on all matters concerning our relationships.

In your Name,


Find Enjoyment

Dear Jesus,

Thank you for providing us with the opportunity to work and earn a living.

Not just to work but also to learn, discover, practise and acquire new skills.

I realise that being able to work is an opportunity for us to practise self-discipline as we rise early and manage heavy workloads.

And also to practise good money management as we earn a wage.

Thank you Lord, these things are important to you too.

You said that to find enjoyment in our work is something that you provide.

Help us learn to find enjoyment in what we do.

In your Name,


Your Kingdom

Dear Jesus,

When you were here you focused all your energy on relationships.

You made time for people, you shared, you were present at many public gatherings.

I realise that you saw these things as important.

What in our lives do we need to make important or less important?

You said that we shouldn’t worry about what we are going to wear or what we are going to eat or anything else to do with this world.

We should put what things are in your kingdom first and get to know about all those things.

What are those things Lord?

In your Name,


Wisdom comes from you

Dear Jesus,

You said that if we ask for insight and are interested in knowledge, unpacking and understanding things we will come to know you and your ways.

How is that?

There is a lot of things that we’re interested in, we all have passions and desires.

Can you give us insight into all of these things.

You said that wisdom comes from you, and we have asked for it.

You’ve also given us all a desire to know you. 

For as long as we live we will keep asking for wisdom about everything so that we can come to know you.

In your Name,