You still Provide for Us

Dear Jesus,

Thank you for my job and the privilege to earn a wage.

But also, thank you that even when there is no source of income you still provide for us.

You do in so many ways.

You feel strongly about making sure that your children are clothed, fed, happy and growing.

You said you would take care of these things if we just focus on the things that represent you.

Help me to understand this everytime I prioritise having money and things over having you and your nature.

You said that being rich is not about having lots of money but becoming people with good qualities and good values.

Your qualities, your values and your riches.

In your Name,



Working for You

Dear Jesus,

Thank you so much for rest. Not just any kind of rest. 

Healing rest.

It has been an eventful day at work.

So many issues, so many problems, so many dilemma’s to be solved.

Whatever our work environments are like, please give us the resources we need to operate in a way that imitates your character.

We don’t have to be afraid or worry; as we honour your way of doing things we know you are pleased.

You haven’t told us to work like we are working for men, but to work like we are working for you.

And working for you is so fulfilling and satisfying.

In your Name,



Dear Jesus,

Its the beginning of a new week.

Time to meet the challenges and activities of the week.

Some of us have to go to work, some of us have to go to school, some of us have other various weekly duties.

I don’t know whats going to happen this week.

But whatever does happen give us the wisdom to notice and understand the lessons that are being presented to us.

We are all different Lord, we all have different things we need to learn.

I am grateful that you have us all right where we need to be to learn those lessons.

In your Name,


Befriending & Being Befriended

Dear Jesus,

There are individuals within my circle of influence that I don’t talk to much.

There are individuals I don’t know at all.

And there are individuals who desire to get to know others a little better.

Help us to be friendly towards each other.

To be open and accepting of the good hospitality and grace that is being extended to us.

But help us to be wise in our quest in befriending and being befriended.

In your Name,


Help us Bear them

Dear Jesus,

Life can be so hard sometimes.

Sometimes I get scared that I have fallen so low I don’t even know who I am.

I can’t tell where I am going.

I struggle to tell whether I am doing the right thing.

Is there anyone out there who feels this way Lord?

I remember that you said that you are near to the broken hearted and save those who are crushed in spirit.

You said that in our temptations you would help us bear them.

Its hard to see this right now.

Please help us see you in every situation.

In your Name,


Positive & Hopeful

Dear Jesus,

Thank you so so so much for everything. You are doing so much and I am so grateful.

Not just materially but within as well.

Im learning more and more about what is important to you.

How you are so positive and hopeful about everything.

How you have such good advice and you know how to deal with every situation wisely and orderly.

We are learning a lot from you.

In your Name,


What my Child is Passionate about

Dear Jesus,

My child is young. He/she is only … years old.

He/she is growing up so fast. Every so often I discover something new about him/her.

You love and value him/her so much. I want to support her/him better.

What can I do? What kind of activities could I do with him/her?

Maybe some new songs? Days out?

Please open my eyes to what my child is passionate about.

In your Name,