Plans that will give us a future

Dear Jesus,

Wow! Its almost January again.

Its really overwhelming and scary.

You are reminding me that life is not about getting comfortable, and you desire good and great things of us.

You said that you have plans for us, good plans, plans that will not harm us or destroy us forever. Plans that will give us a future.

Thank you for this hope.

You love us so much that you take the time out to make sure we are all ok, discovering and progressing towards that future.

I believe that where you are now you are preparing my place for me so we can be together.

Thank you for being so positive, help me to be more positive for 2015 just like you.

In your Name,



Being Wise is a Way of Life

Dear Jesus,

All the honour, time and energy belongs to you.

I am grateful for what you have done, what you are doing and most of all for what you will do.

You said that being wise is a way of life, does that mean that every choice and every decision I make requires wisdom? Why lord?

Wisdom comes from you and I am asking that you will give me wisdom in my daily tasks as the keeper of my home.

Do the same for others who desire wisdom to help with all their different duties and circumstances in life.

In your Name,


Entrusting us with your Gifts

Dear Jesus,

Thank you for your grace and favour.

You help us to be strong to keep going when we are weak and have no certainty or strength of mind.

I’m thankful for the things that I have lord. I really am.

My home and the ways you help me to organise my home. The privilege to come to a home in peace and relaxation.

A family and a church family that you are building for all your children to enjoy and embrace.

Opportunities to support and help others. Thank you for this privilege.

Thank you for entrusting us with your gifts.

In your Name,


Open minds to your care

Dear Jesus,

I am thanking you today and I am certain of what I am thanking you for.

I want to let you know now that your love is seen, its felt and its very much appreciated.

You love us so dearly. I am certain that nothing will change that, not even me.

Help us all to have open minds to your care.

To be aware of what you do for us everyday and to do the same things for others.

Im looking forward to church tomorrow. To just be around people who love you.

There is safety there because you are there. The true shepherd.

In your Name,


You will Always be in Control of Everything

Dear Jesus,

Its almost a new year and I am lost on what more I could thank you for other than being with us and never leaving us.

You are a patient God.

You know (name). Its so sad to see that she/he has gone her own way.

But then again, I am happy because you will always be in control of everything.

You know exactly where she/he is right now and wherever she/he is, please provide for her physically and emotionally.

Remind her/him that you are still watching and protecting her/him.

I hope she/he will have a change of heart very soon.

In your Name,


To Desire and Enjoy You

Dear Jesus,

I am so sorry for not meeting you this morning.

I have no-one to blame but myself.

You had so much to say about diligence and hard work in the bible.

Sometimes I am lazy and I don’t want to get up and work.

I realise that even though I might think off all the different ways I can spend time with you, the real change has to start with me.

I want to be diligent, I want to be industrious and hardworking not just in my quiet times with you but in all areas.

Most of all I want to love these qualities and enjoy them.

You said that as we delight in you, you will give us the desires of our hearts.

I understand that in order to desire and enjoy these things I have to desire and enjoy you.

Thank you.

I am so grateful to know that you never make anything hard for us to understand.

You are there to help us put what we have learnt into action even when we fall.

In your Name,