What I should leave in your hands

Dear Jesus,

Today has been a good day at work.

I am grateful to you for providing for my needs through my job.

Thank you for helping us all work together and problem solve when issues arise.

Speak to all my leaders hearts, help them to get understanding and wisdom to manage their affairs well.

Even when my leaders act in ways I don’t like give me wisdom and help me to practise my skills to work with them for the bigger picture.

Help me to know the difference between what is right and wrong and what I should just leave in your hands.

In your Name,



The truth about Life

Dear Jesus,

Thank you for revealing to us the truth about life.

You kept back things from certain people. Why? But you never held back from people who didn’t know the answers.

Lord I will try to keep what you have told me treasured and sacred. Because you said that we should be careful who we share ourselves with. Not everyone will appreciate what we have and know.

Help us to discern the opportunities to share the gifts and knowledge you have given to us.

To help others see how loving you are and how you want them with you.

In your Name,


What do you Desire for us Lord?

Dear Jesus,

Thank you for coming into my heart and helping me to be more like you.

I haven’t done anything to deserve all the miraculous things you have done in and for me, but its you wanting and longing to be united with us.

I’m finding it hard to understand what your will is for us.

But your love, kindness and patience towards us is clear.

If there is anything I want to understand, its your love.

What do you desire for us Lord? What do you think about us?

In your Name,


These things are working out for my good

Dear Jesus,

When I look back on the past I feel angry, depressed, hurt, embarrassed and unforgiving.

Its hard to see that all my experiences are working out for my good, especially the one’s that don’t feel good.

But you said it and you never lie.

Right now I’m taking your word for it, even though I’m finding it hard to see what good will and is coming out of this.

You said that the servant is not greater than the master and masters are supposed to be strong right?

You are so strong, you have so much might and noble power and good wisdom Lord.

I trust and I am thankful that in my weakness I have your strength, I have your guidance, I have your support.

Thank you for the privilege of being yours.

In your Name,


We could be Serving Angels

Dear Jesus,

Thank you for taking good care of me and my friends.

Thank you for the privilege that we have to serve others.

Its so strange that when we do, we don’t know that we could be serving angels.

That is so amazing!

Keep this fresh in my mind so I can be ready to help someone in need.

I appreciate and am amazed at all the ways you show yourself to be real.

Thank you!

In your Name,


A New Day

Dear Jesus,

Thank you for this new day. Thank you for reminding me everyday that you love us, how much you want us to embrace you even through the difficult times.

If you hadn’t helped me understand this, I would not be able to grow and I know you want all of us to grow.

The fact that you love us is enough and we can be content that everything that comes with that will be for our greater good.

Help me to embrace you and hear you when you are speaking.

Not just hear you, but understand and accept what I have heard from you and allow that to change me.

In your Name,


Food, Time & Money…you used all of these wisely

Dear Jesus,

You were an individual who didn’t waste anything. Food, time and money. You used all of these wisely.

Thank you for providing me with the means to purchase what I need.

It can be difficult sometimes keeping a tight rein on how much money to spend.

Help me to make wise choices in my expenses, to budget and to use the money on the kind of things you care about.

What are those things that you care about Lord?

In your Name,